What Do Men Like, But Won’t Tell Us?

Have you ever asked yourself this question: What do men like in bed but won’t tell us?

Those who think that only the female world has its secrets are wrong. Men hide a lot of information that would be very useful for us women when the subject is sex.

There are things that men love at sex time and that they usually don’t tell us for some fear or shame of going through an embarrassing situation or even of receiving a “no.” We can avoid these situations as long as we know what they want.

Men need to feel wanted by the woman. These signals can come in many forms. Men, too, have their insecurities, so if he wants to have sex and you don’t notice, he may feel rejected or unable to take a woman to bed. Realizing this is fundamental for a relationship and a good night of love.

What Men Like but Don’t Talk About: Compliments

That’s right, compliments. It seems simple enough, but who doesn’t like a good compliment? Many women only want to receive compliments but forget to praise their partners.

Tell him that he looks irresistible; this will do much good for his ego and stir up his sexual desire for you even more.

But they have to be positive comments. Even though men know scientifically that exaggerated penis size is not necessarily going to give pleasure, they insist on knowing if the penis size is good, which is an important fact in the male universe.

And, even if the size is not very good, performance counts for a lot more. So, give him sincere compliments, and be sure he’ll love it.

Discovering His Body

Another important factor that will help you discover what men like in bed but don’t tell you is that you should know how to explore your partner’s body. Discovering his body can be a very enjoyable adventure.

Start slowly exploring your partner’s body’s erogenous zones as if you were doing field research. The penis alone is the largest and most requested zone of sexual stimulation, but it is not the only one.

The erogenous zones are characterized by the large concentration of blood vessels in the region, making them more sensitive to touch, and the male body has several of them, so try to explore the right spots.

Erogenous Zones of the Male Body

The erogenous zones are points of excitation scattered throughout our bodies; we women have them, and so do men.

They are areas extremely sensitive to touch, which you can and should explore to help you find out what men like at H-hour and what part of the body your guy gets goosebumps from touching.

Some erogenous zones:

  1. Chest;
  2. Ears;
  3. Neck;
  4. Nape;
  5. Back;
  6. Nipples;
  7. Penis;
  8. Feet;
  9. Belly;
  10. Inner part of the thighs;
  11. Buttocks;
  12. Testicles.

If your partner is ticklish in some part of the body, it is because it is a sensitive area, therefore erogenous. Still, depending on the person, the sensibility in the place is so great that it bothers him instead of feeling pleasure.

It is up to you to identify whether the caress is good or not and how far to proceed through the body’s signals.

Another good example is those men who only get tense when a woman approaches their anus. So be careful where you put your hand; for example, not every place may be appropriate, and asking permission to know if the guy likes such a caress in such a place can avoid some hassles.

What Men Like in Bed but Don’t Talk About: Sexual Positions

Discovering your body is interesting, but discovering new positions can be an even more exciting experience for men and you if you feel out of the sameness and test new sexual positions.

Men, particularly, love to experiment with new sexual positions and strategies, so explore, play, let your imagination flow, and make discoveries. Getting to know each other is fundamental so that the groove during the positions flows more naturally.

Anal Sex or Oral Sex: Which One Do Men Like Better?

A cruel doubt in women’s lives is to know what men like more in bed. Anal sex or oral sex, that’s the question?

Fact is, this questioning is very relative; if there is the possibility of doing both options, why not try it? I have several posts published here on the blog, giving amazing tips for respectful oral sex and how to have anal sex without feeling pain and having much pleasure.

I usually start from the assumption that no one should live with doubt. So be sure to check out the video below to draw your conclusions about anal sex and oral sex. Which one do men like better?

I hope you enjoyed the content. Be sure to leave a comment here telling me your experiences after practicing all these tips.

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