The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point, both the name of a concept and a book, is based on the idea that small, seemingly innocuous activities or events can cause significant shifts in various aspects of our lives, from the environment to human behavior. 

So how can women who want more than traditional monogamy offers to initiate a change as massive as creating a dominant female species?

The 80/20 rule is where 80% of the outcome was generated by 20% of the people. And it doesn’t have to be as high as 20%. For instance, the pandemic we live through began with “patient zero”.

How ideas and concepts spread virally and then take hold can be as mysterious as it is obvious. One example from the book The Tipping Point describes how the mayor of New York, when faced with rampant murders in the subway, was heavily criticized for implementing seemingly pointless policies. First, workers cleaned up graffiti from the subway cars, and then authorities enforced rules for fares and prevented jumping the turnstiles. Critics exclaimed that killers were murdering people, but the mayor was concerned about graffiti and unpaid tolls! Surprisingly, or perhaps not in hindsight, when the mayor managed those lesser details, it remarkably affected the more severe crimes.  

Fusion Polyamory is one of the pillars of the Fusion Movement, which speaks of women dictating the terms and conditions of relationships that include their sexual autonomy, preferences, and pleasure. In the book Fusion Polyamory, it is suggested that women curating their one-sided female-led polyamorous relationships could trigger events leading to a paradigm shift whereby women become the dominant gender. First, women have changed the power dynamic in the relationship by providing a blueprint where they can curate a one-sided female-led polyamorous relationship. Second, women have been placed in a dominant position as only they have the freedom to pursue sexual encounters with partners other than their male life companion. It has been a long time coming, but the time is now for this shift to occur, and the Fusion Movement is here to assist, advocate and teach all women how this magnificent change can come to life. 

Species with dominant females share some traits, such as strong social bonds among themselves. Elephants are an excellent example of this. Another aspect has to do with who controls the food. Female lions are the ones in pride that do most of the hunting, and female orcas are the whales leading the charge in acquiring kills for the pod. Lastly, who controls or initiates sex also has a determining factor in which gender is dominant. Bonobo females are known to have sex with other females and instigate sex with males. 

Food, shelter, and the necessities of life for humans are no longer in the control of males, which they were for many thousands of years in human development. During the industrial revolution, women could barely survive or raise children safely if a capable male wasn’t involved.

Marriage and monogamy over generations still inform women’s behavior and options. However, since the digital revolution, women can fend for themselves. They are also free to form communities and bond, despite their location. However, controlling sex and their own sexual autonomy, freedom and pleasure are still in question. 

Fusion Polyamory is disruptive by nature. It says that women can have both emotional monogamy and fulfillment side by side with complete sexual enjoyment and satisfaction with partners other than their life companion.  

The governing of sex within heterosexual relationships will turn the tables and initiate a subtle but growing awareness that women should be at the helm of society. Slowly but surely, men will begin to defer to women instead of the way it is now. The knowledge that she controls the sex in the relationship is that change occurs mysteriously when a new model takes hold and causes a ripple effect throughout a culture. 

The feminine care and cooperation model of existence that the Fusion Movement speaks of is directly connected to women’s collective sexual dominion within relationships. As long as men are allowed to believe that their superior physical size and strength, prevalent in the dominant male species, is the law of the land, the male conquers and control model will continue to prevail at the inevitable peril of humanity. 

Get your copy of Fusion Polyamory and help initiate the most incredible paradigm shift in human civilization.

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