The birth of a New Erotic Goddess – the Provoktress

What is seduction?

According to the dictionary, to seduce someone is to persuade, often with false promises or manipulative techniques. With such a negative stigma attached to the word, it’s no wonder that seduction is considered amoral and that seductive women are still looked down upon or called sluts.

Yet, the art of feminine seduction has toppled empires, influenced great minds, and changed the course of history. Or, to say it with author Betsy Prioleau’s words: “seduction riles and dismantles patriarchal domination.”

At Fusion Movement, we acknowledge the power of seduction, and we encourage women to discover all its secrets to become what we call a Provoktress. A Provoktress is a woman, or whoever identifies as such, skilled in the art of Erotic Provocation. She’s the embodiment of female power and the mistress of the Fusion Play, a new and exclusive kind of playdate, where the woman is in charge, and the man takes a passive and submissive role.

What is Fusion Play, and how is it different from other forms of sexual play, like BDSM and Tantric sex? Keep reading, and you’ll find out.

How is Fusion Play different from BDSM?

BDSM is a variety of power-play dynamics, often of erotic nature, that includes bondage, dominance, submission, and sadomasochism. In a BDSM game, there’s always a dominant person who takes psychological, and sometimes even physical, control over a submissive person. It may involve the infliction of pain and humiliation (some people even practice genital torture – yikes!), and that’s why consent and a safe word are always needed.

While we are not judgemental regarding those consenting adults who indulge in this kind of power game, we believe that pain, or the threat of it, and humiliation, cause tension and stress, eliciting a recoil response in the nervous system and a natural instinct to pull back, instead of opening up. Also, even when women play a dominant role as Fem-Dom, they still carry out a man’s fantasy that can be stopped at any time by him using the safe word. 

How is Fusion Play different from Tantric Sex?

 Tantric Sex is a Western elaboration of ancient practices that fall under the spiritual umbrella of Tantra. Its ultimate goal is to awaken and use male and female sexual energy purposefully and mindfully through breathwork, prolonged eye contact, embraces, massages, gentle touches, and slow, deliberate movement.

A woman who practices Tantric Sex aims to use her sexual energy to heal trauma, release blocks around sex and self-worth, and create a deeper spiritual connection with her partner, herself, and the universe. There’s no power-play involved, which is how it differs from Fusion Play, where the man willingly hands his power over to the woman and surrenders utterly to her feminine energy.

What is Fusion Play?

Fusion Play is a form of adult erotic playdate that combines elements of BDSM and Tantric Sex but keeps its uniqueness in the methods and goals.

During Fusion Play, the woman takes an active role, but her dominance comes from a place of confidence, and care, like in the Tantric Sex, and never from anger or in a punitive manner, as it’s sometimes the case with BDSM. Fusion involves a sexual pleasure so intense that man’s thinking mind withdraws, leaving him vulnerable and open, something that cannot be achieved through pain and humiliation. There are no safe words in Fusion – there’s simply no need for them.

Fusion Play does use restraints like BDSM, but only as a way to establish that the woman is in control, and the man is in a receiving role.

Instead of using blindfolds that can accentuate other senses but can also cause separation, the Provoktress weaponizes her make-up and glam to keep the man’s eyes glued to her face. By sitting in an elevated position, her luscious red lips are always situated at eye level to catch his attention and lead him into a sort of hypnotic trance.

The practice of sensual touch seals the man’s fate, who becomes the Provoktress’s erotic hostage. She knows how to use orgasm denial and edging techniques to keep him exactly where she wants him, bathing his brain in dopamine and oxytocin and making him slowly submit to her sexual power and dominance.

And in this moment of complete surrender and openness, the Provoktress can muse with him and whisper sensual words to reprogram him to the language of love and sensuality.

What is a Provoktress?

A Provoktress is first and foremost a confident woman, in full possession of herself and her power. She’s an Erotic Goddess who knows how to use her feminine arts and energy to take over a man’s body and mind until his ultimate physical and emotional submission. She’s powerful and irresistible.

Men are sexual opportunists, which means that they need to be ready for sex at any moment should they meet a receptive female. A skilled Provoktress possesses advanced knowledge of men’s natural instincts and behaviors and uses them to her advantage. She also understands male anatomy and knows exactly where and how to touch a man’s body to make him go crazy with pleasure and oblivious of anything else except her face and her lips.

A Prokotress teases and seduces not only with her looks but also and especially with her brains. She knows how to use her confidence and overflowing sexual energy to manipulate men and make them surrender. She’s the living testament of Female Primacy and Women’s Empowerment.

Fusion Movement knows that there’s a Provoktress deep inside every woman. We want to encourage you to find your inner erotic goddess and use her power to turn the tables and take control of the sexual game.

Through Fusion Play and Tantalizing Techniques, we only offer you some inputs – the rest is up to you to discover and experiment with!

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