The 5 Principles of Female Primacy

Fusion Movement fuses Female Primacy and women’s empowerment to create the greatest paradigm shift in human history: women taking the lead in and out of the bedroom.

The world is changing, and it will no longer be a “man’s world,” as Aretha Franklin sang in the 60s. Women are starting to take a proactive role in politics, economics, and society. They’re becoming more and more aware of their ability to dominate in both their personal and professional life. They’re finally embracing their inner power and revindicating their primacy.

But what does Female Primacy encompass, you may ask? Here are its 5 principles, according to Fusion Movement:

💋 Female always comes first.
Science and the study of human development fully back this up.
All humans begin development from the same starting point. During the very early stage, all fetuses are, in fact, females. The same happens to all mammals on Earth. Everywhere female is the default, and that’s simply a biological fact.

Maleness only starts to appear around the 2nd month, when the embryo develops enough male sex hormones, called androgens, to offset the maternal sex hormones, the estrogens. This sets males in their path of conquer and control even before their birth.

Through original resources and methods, Fusion Movement seeks to restore the primordial feminine energy, from where every form of life is originated, and make it the main guiding principle among people, thus creating a female-dominated world.

💋 Female unity.
Do you know that distasteful stereotype that depicts women as jealous and competitive? It’s a lie. It’s a social construct designed to disrupt women’s unity and make them forget who the actual enemy is: the patriarchal society we all live in!

Women are more than capable of solidarity. Throughout history, they have proved to be able to set their differences and rivalries aside to work together. The numerous fights for women’s rights are tangible proof of that.

Women can, have, and will continue to gather together with a common purpose – it’s just a historical fact.

💋 Female is the natural leader.
Women know what’s best, and not just for themselves! They also know what’s best for their partners, families, society…the entire world.

As Barack Obama once said: “I’m absolutely confident that, for two years, if every nation on earth was run by women, you would see a significant improvement across the board on just about everything — living standards and outcomes”.

Women have been leaders since the moment they were born. They just fix things, which naturally leads them to be called on to exercise leadership throughout their lives. Women empower others without fearing the competition. They can be assertive, proactive, and extremely cooperative. All qualities that a leader must possess.

💋 Female sexual power.
For centuries women’s sexuality has been considered inexistent. Women were not allowed to explore their pleasure and enjoy sex. They have been lured into believing that their beauty and sensuality were there for others to enjoy and dispose of as they pleased. They have been taught to be modest and lost the connection with their wild, primitive instinct and cyclic nature.

But women are now called to awaken, harness, and use their sexual power to finally free their body and mind from pain, suffering, and self-limiting beliefs. And freeing the entire society in the process.

Oscar Wilde wrote that “everything is about sex, except sex, which is about power.” Although we cannot deny the irresistible power of sex, women’s overflowing sexuality can balance the strong, dominating masculine energy in the world and establish a new way of experiencing sex, where mutual pleasure and not power games is the driving force. That’s a spiritual fact.

💋 Female is the new model of existence.
We are all painfully aware that the conquer and control paradigm is the result of a world ruled by men. It’s precisely what led humanity to wars, selfishness, and destruction. If this trajectory continues, the world will plunge into despair. But there’s an antidote to this madness, and it’s contained in the feminine qualities of caring, cooperation, and kindness.

To change the dangerous course of events currently in motion and build a better world, we need women, especially women in power. Establishing a new care and cooperation paradigm is the only way to survive and prosper in the future.

The future HAS to be female!

At Fusion Movement, we strongly support Female Primacy. We want to help women embrace it fully, without reservation or fear, in both their private and public life, through resources, networking, community, and donations to women’s organizations.

Join us and do your part to change the world.

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