Tantric Massage: A Technique that Will Improve Your Pleasure

A technique over 5 thousand years old can help improve a couple’s intimacy: Tantric massage.

However, don’t think that tantric massage is only about sex. Although it helps a lot to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse, the technique helps you in a broader way to deal with your pleasure and sensations.

What is Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is part of Tantra, a philosophy that emerged in India more than 5,000 years ago and has been influenced by several religions, cultures, and philosophical currents.

Its main objective is to stimulate self-knowledge. The massage technique has the principle of awakening vital energy, acting directly on your emotional field, and helping you connect with your pleasure.

A great thing about the practice is that it helps you think about the question, “how much do you know about your body’s ability to give yourself pleasure? Can you answer that question?

Most people who try it find that the pleasure goes far beyond what they imagined!

Through body stimulations that expand orgasmic energy, tantric massage develops the therapeutic side of pleasure.

It has the power to provoke unprecedented stimuli in the body and, therefore, breaks several paradigms regarding your sexuality. Do you know those thoughts like “I can only have an orgasm in certain positions.” These are the ones that you will be able to reverse with the practice of Tantra.

How well do you know your body and allow yourself to have pleasure, regardless of sexual relations?

You can begin to answer this question by receiving a Tantric massage. Explore and discover your pleasure!

Tantric Massage and Sex

Although many people think that Tantric massage is only about sex, it is broader. It promotes a greater knowledge about your pleasure.

I know, however, that you must be very curious about its relationship with sexual pleasure, aren’t you?

By causing a reconfiguration of your sexuality, Tantric massage greatly increases your sensitivity, making it easier to deal with pleasure – feeling it more easily and intensely. It’s a real journey searching for what satisfies you and your partner as if you were given a new body full of new sensations to explore.

Tantric massage also stimulates the genital muscles. For this reason, couples who are adept at this practice can have longer and more intense orgasms.

It is even longer the erection time that men can maintain. It’s worth testing.

For women who have difficulty reaching orgasm, this technique can be a good form of therapy.

If this is your case, you will be able to broaden your body perception and identify triggers that may be preventing you from reaching the apex of the relationship.

Some people can reach orgasm from the practice of tantric massage alone.

How to do tantric massage

Are you interested in trying Tantric massage with your husband or boyfriend? By practicing this technique before sex, you and your partner will experience feelings of total intimacy and discovery of your bodies together.

Of course, this is a technique that needs a lot of studies to be understood in-depth, but even so, I’ll give you a few tips to get you started.

With your partner lying on their stomach, massage their body from the feet to the back of the neck, controlling your breathing. The movements should stimulate the most sensitive and erogenous zones, such as the groin, buttocks, thighs, and ears. Make both stronger movements and light touches with your fingertips.

Then you can decide to focus your touch on different parts of the body. The important thing is not to leave any area forgotten: Massage the back, the hands, the feet, the sides of the body…

Here are some more tips to get you started with tantric massage:

  • Take your time; the massage needs to be done with tranquility and valuing each part of the body;
  • Keep your breathing calm and controlled; your partner will follow your energy throughout the massage;
  • Use hair, nails, and even handkerchiefs to help massage your husband or boyfriend;
  • Ask to be rubbed too; the couple must be in the same tune to stimulate pleasure together;
  • Look into each other’s eyes whenever possible, deeply and for a long time;
  • Seek more knowledge about the Tantra philosophy so that you can expand your search for pleasure far beyond Tantric massage;
  • Learn new techniques in courses and workshops; the best way to improve yourself in Tantric massage is by knowing and practicing new movements.
  • Remember that the great goal of tantric massage is to potentiate the sensations, even without sexual intercourse.
  • Therefore, you and your partner should give yourself to each other and make discoveries!

Seeking new experiences for your pleasure.

In this article, I have taught you the basics of Tantric massage, a practice in which I am a great believer in the power of connection it has to make couples feel close and seek pleasure together.

As I have already mentioned in other content here at Well-Settled Women, we always need to be open to new experiences that allow us to discover new sensations. Feeling pleasure and knowing how to achieve it is fundamental for us to feel full as women!

But if you sometimes feel insecure in your daily life, read these suggestions I have for you to learn how to deal with insecurity in relationships and improve your self-esteem.

Overcoming this feeling is an important step to having pleasure in sex and life.

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