Good sex: Check out all the tips!

I hear many people complain that good sex, which leaves you flat when it’s over, has been a rare thing to happen. Is this happening to you too?

Once or twice you reach orgasm, and the other times it just happens. I won’t judge those who have never experienced this in their life.

If this is your case, you can rest assured that we will take care of it. Pay attention to the tips!

Good sex is that which is pleasurable for all involved.

Girlfriend, pretending to have an orgasm and having sex without passion must be STOP!

So, memorize and practice the five rules to have good sex in all relationships!

1 – Focus is fundamental for good sex to happen 

Men have sex to forget their problems, to de-stress from work. On the other hand, women can’t give themselves in totally; if they have personal or professional issues and their head is full of mundane or emotional problems.

We have this incredible ability to do several things simultaneously, right? Women can multitask. That’s a blessing and a cruse because they keep thinking about things like: 

“Did I pay that bill?” 

“Oh my God, I have to send that e-mail to my boss!” 

Not men, men do one thing, and that’s it! But women do one thing and think about another, plan this and that. Our minds are always working. But to have great sex, you have to focus on your partner. To have good sex, you have to concentrate! Focus on pleasure.

Take this tip and keep it in your little heart.

How will you reach orgasm thinking about a thousand things like that? There is no way!

So, to ensure that you always have great sex, be well! Solve whatever you can solve that day and free yourself to give yourself body and soul to the bed.

2 – Good sex must have seduction 

Before anything else, it is super important that you show your partner before anything else if you feel like having sex. We know that communication is the basis for any relationship, but it doesn’t always have to be direct, you know? It’s not about coming up to your guy and saying: Let’s fuck today?

No, really! The cool thing about seduction is to let your thoughts flow. 

Send a picture when he is working in the middle of the afternoon. Maybe a photo of just your panties on the bed; it doesn’t have to be on your body, and tell him so:

“How about ripping these panties off my body with your mouth tonight?”

My love! His Brad Pinto will come right up and fantasize about many things! And when you meet, it’s worth making a few insinuations to get him in the mood and arouse more desire, so he will finish with the paumolecência, leaving our friend down there curious to know what will happen.

That little nibble on the neck, that kiss that almost starts and moves away, that hand on his leg almost touching the big guy and only passing close, that cross leg in front of him.

When we are excited, the body and the brain turn on very quickly, setting off many physiological reactions that will help make sex as pleasurable as possible.

Guys, it’s no use having that beautiful, wonderful man or that beautiful, hot woman who doesn’t know how to do it right when it’s time for sex. It is better to have a “so so looking” guy who has good sex than a beautiful, wonderful guy who looks like a pole having sex.

03 – Knowledge is everything!

Know your own body, know where you feel more pleasure, and do exercises, positions, techniques, and tips that improve sex itself.

04 – Getting out of the routine changes everything

Routine is good for our organization, work organization, but for sex life, there is nothing worse than always doing the same thing. 

Sex is always in the bedroom, on Saturday night after you go out for dinner. Is it legal? É.

But every time like this, it doesn’t work out. The routine comes!

Try having sex in the car, on the living room table. In the shower, in the garage, in the backyard, in the middle of the road!

Mom and Dad all the time? Never again! Go check out the Kamasutra; some positions never end there.

Buy a massage gel, a lubricant, a flavored condom, and new lingerie; there are so many things for you to innovate and have that good sex. You sit there having the same crappy sex you had last week, and you didn’t even come.

05 – Listen and talk more

Some women dream of improving sex but have never talked to their partners about it.

Tell him what your favorite position is, how you like him to stimulate your clitoris, and what speed you want. Do you like to talk dirty at the time? Do you prefer the lights off or on? What kind of music do you like to listen to during sex?

Many couples have never asked themselves any of these questions and want the other to guess. So it is important to talk and listen more, listen to what your partner likes too so that you will adjust to each other and sex will get better every day.

If you follow these five little rules here, I guarantee that sex will be good in every relationship. There is no way it won’t be!

So stop treating sex as just a little thing you have to do once in a while and dedicate yourself to having unforgettable nights!

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