Ethical Non-Monogamy & Sexual Revolution with Fusion Polyamory

The Fusion Movement is very straightforward: we believe women can and should do whatever they please and take over the world.

Keep that in mind before you read today’s article.

Fusion Polyamory is the right for women to explore their sexuality and keep their primary relationship intact without cheating.

So, let’s talk about Ethical Non-Monogamy, shall we?

What Is Ethical Non-Monogamy?

So, what is ethical non-monogamy, anyway? Well, it’s the blanket term for any relationship that is consenting and non-monogamous. (Keyword: consenting.) Ethical non-monogamy, sometimes referred to as ENM, is an umbrella term; there are many ways to practice it.

Types of Ethical Non-Monogamy

  • Monogamish: An arrangement that’s mostly monogamous. Partners in this structure negotiate when they can be with others, but it is only within the confines of a few instances.
  • Swinging: When couples meet with other couples to swap partners. Swingers often only “play” (aka engage in sex) together and only pursue sex outside of the relationship in party and date settings.
  • Open Relationship: An open relationship is another blanket term. It can be applied to a few different situations, most often within a primary partnership. In an open relationship, folks seek sex and date outside of their primary partnership. (Compared to monogamish, this structure is usually more open.)
  • Fusion Polyamory – The unique practice of a female-led relationship is different from any other type of polyamory. It is focused on the woman’s need for sexual autonomy and freedom and not a man’s strategy of using his wife or girlfriend’s sexuality for his pleasure. Fusion Polyamory is rooted in the emotional bond that a woman shares with her life companion, including having his interest and manly engagement with her sexual availability to other partners.
  • Polyfidelity: Pursuing multiple intimate relationships within a closed circuit. Triads (three folks in a relationship) and quads (four people in a relationship, usually two couples) are the most common examples of polyfidelity.
  • One-Penis Policy: When an (often bisexual) woman is in a relationship with an (often heterosexual) man, they agree that she will date other women/femmes, but not other men.
  • Solo-Polyamory: A polyamorous person who does not seek a primary partner.
  • Hierarchical Polyamory: Polyamory where some partnerships are purposefully prioritized more than others.
  • Relationship Anarchy: Relationship anarchy is a philosophy more than a relationship structure. It deconstructs the idea that platonic and romantic relationships have a hierarchy in importance and treats each relationship on a case-by-case basis.

Fusion Polyamory Terms, Explained

  • Ethical non-monogamy has a ton of vocabulary within it. Why? There’s often no easy way to describe a lot of the things a non-monogamous person experiences with traditional relationship language. So here is some Fusion vocabulary to catch you up.
  • Fusion Method – The unique form of female erotic provocation that fuses elements of other adult play elements employed to reprogram men to submit to women sexually willingly. The use of light restraints, the red lipstick tease, and sensual touch combined with ASMR is embraced to introduce Fusion Polyamory to a woman’s life companion.
  • Life Companion – The first and primary person in a relationship represents the First Mating Pattern of Females. The emotional bond with her “soul mate” is the cornerstone of a Fusion Polyamorous relationship.
  • Pompoir – The sexual technique of a woman using her vaginal muscles to stimulate the penis while it is inside of her.
  • Provoktress – A woman or female-identifying person skilled in the art of erotic provocation to reprogram men to submit to them sexually. A Provoktress employs all of the means available to her, including makeup, perfume, attire, voice, sensual touch, and most importantly, her confidence to have men submit to her in an intimate setting.
  • Siren – The female in a purely sexual relationship. It represents a woman’s desire to connect with the feminine in the form of another female.
  • Stud – The male in a purely sexual relationship. Represents the Second Mating Pattern of Females and a woman’s visceral and undeniable urge to mate with novel and superior male genes.

In general, that’s what Fusion Polyamory would be.

Maybe you’ve experimented with it before; maybe you hadn’t. In any case, we hope we helped you a little bit with the basics, reminding you that it is time women take ownership of their bodies and their needs, and that also includes having all the privileges men have had through so many centuries.

Fusion Polyamory is the sexual revolution women have been fighting for since the dawn of Patriarchy.

Just wait for it…

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