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Why is masturbation good for your health?

Masturbating for pleasure is already a good reason to start touching yourself. Pleasuring yourself allows you to enjoy several benefits of female masturbation, which can be long-lasting.

  1. A good masturbation improves your mood by releasing hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin;
  2. It improves your sleep
  3. Prevents insomnia
  4. Allows you to have more self-knowledge
  5. Improves your self-esteem
  6. Strengthens your immune system
  7. Increases the libido
  8. Improves your sexual performance

What are the Best Places to Masturbate Without Being Bothered?

Many people cannot masturbate because they don’t have an environment with privacy. They think being committed doesn’t allow them to enjoy the benefits of female masturbation or because they are afraid of being overheard by someone else.

The first step is not to worry so much; a few tricks will be more than enough for you to be able to get your hands on your own, so relax and follow them:

In the Bedroom:

Close the door, turn on some music that you usually listen to, or turn on the TV, and under the blanket, you will discover yourself until you reach the so-so orgasm.

Taking advantage of bedtime or as soon as you wake up are options where it will be more peaceful for you.

In the Bathroom:

Bath time is also a perfect moment for you to touch yourself without any worry, the sound of the shower is enough, but if you want even more privacy put on some music and enjoy.

Another good moment to touch yourself is while you wait for that hair mask to take effect.

Get to know the products that can give your pleasure a boost:

If you want to use more than your fingers to touch yourself, many products are perfect for you to have different stimuli.

And the more you vary the stimuli, the more your body will be adapted to feel pleasure in different ways, and the easier you’ll be able to have an orgasm during sex, for example.

Vibrators, clitoris suckers, and nipple stimulators are the best friends of masturbation.

They can be used both alone and in the company, and for those who are afraid of the noise of the vibrations, today there are quieter vibrators, others that you can use in contact with water, in the bathtub or shower, for example.

Important tip: Using these toys with a lubricant will greatly enhance your experience.

Several moisturizers also help to have different stimulations, hot and cold gels, and liquid vibrators. All of these options will make your pleasure double!

Do You Have Blocks to Touch Yourself? Learn How to Get Help

Suppose you still can’t masturbate after trying these tips. In that case, you may need the help of a professional to help you release the guilt, judgment, and anything else that’s keeping you from getting to know yourself better and feeling all the benefits of self-pleasure.

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