Discover how self-knowledge can help you build better relationships

What is self-knowledge anyway?

Self-knowledge is a powerful tool because some people are always complaining about the life they lead or what they have. However, when asked about what they would like to be or have or how they would like to be treated, the answer is silence because they don’t know what they like or want.

They don’t know, they put the responsibility for their happiness in the hands of the other person, and the feeling that something is missing will always be current. Don’t carry the unhappiness and frustration of others, nor put your well-being in the hands of others. Be responsible for your life before allowing someone else to be a part of it.

Tip about self-knowledge:

Notice what triggers bring you joy, sadness, irritability, pleasure. Focus on what is positive and stay away from negative (attitudes and people). Through self-knowledge, you will be able to work on your confidence in yourself, your self-esteem.

What is it, and how do I assess my self-esteem?

Do you look at yourself negatively or positively? As the name says, self-esteem is your esteem for yourself, how you see and evaluate yourself. The ability to assess yourself is directly related to your beliefs and patterns experienced in childhood.

What parameters do you use to evaluate your self-esteem and success? If you have ever thought about social networking based on the lives of others, you are making your first big mistake! You can only compare yourself to yourself.

You get the impression that your neighbor’s grass is greener than yours, but I can assure you that good, beautiful grass is the grass you grow in your garden.

Important self-knowledge tips:

– Understand that each human being is unique and that each relationship will also be memorable. The frustrations of past relationships should serve as an experience, not an example.

– Some people are so used to living in toxic relationships. So, when they encounter a healthy relationship, they don’t know how to deal with it because they don’t know how to receive love. After all, throughout life, we create coping mechanisms to avoid suffering and find it difficult to open up to what is different;

– Learn to like yourself and to put yourself as a priority, but above all, respect the other;

– Know your real value, and don’t beg for love. If they don’t know how to recognize your values, let them go and make room for someone willing to live a healthy relationship.

How to start the process of self-knowledge?

Starting the process of self-knowledge to have self-esteem, self-love, and live healthy relationships may not be such an easy goal to create alone. For this reason, it is essential to seek help from qualified professionals who can help you on this journey. I will always be here to help you in this process.

But recognizing your mistakes and wanting to change is the first and most important step! Staying in the comfort zone and repeating the same mistakes, believing that the problem is always someone else’s, will not get you anywhere.

It is liberating to understand that your happiness depends only on you! We are together!

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