Control – Why The Supreme Court’s Decision Isn’t About Protecting Lives

Before starting this article, we would like to say that we have mothers on the Fusion Movement team who could not imagine having an abortion and still defend your right to choose because we all know this conversation is deep and long. We know that these decisions will change us forever and that grief and guilt are involved.

This abortion topic is a complex and heartbreaking matter that the Supreme Court treated as “deciding whether to eat vegetables or not.” They are treating women as the villain, the baby-killing witch, as governments have always done since the beginning of History.

We know we should be talking about this, and most importantly, religious beliefs have no place in decision-making. This kind of behavior segregates us and makes us violent towards each other. It’s what makes us wrong.

We all have our beliefs and values, though most of us don’t even know what our ones are; however, personal beliefs and choices should never be a matter for the government to decide upon. Never!

Let’s carry on with our sad story about a suppressed gender whose war never ceases to end.

Women’s bodies have been in men’s possession since we blamed Eve for biting that damned apple. We would be naive to believe that this whole verdict is a matter of defending fetuses because we know it isn’t. Later on, when they are full-grown children, in foster care, or on the streets, those same people that fought for their lives call them “thugs” and don’t ever offer help or comfort, let alone rights.

So, the Supreme Court does not care about lives at all, especially not about women’s lives, because women’s lives have always been less significant. Women will continue to have abortions no matter what they decide; only: those who have money–like the mistresses of politicians who decided against abortion–will have it and survive the operation so that they can keep their façade of respectful family men. And the poor women who don’t have a powerful-hypocritical-sugar-daddy will die.

To bring death upon women has always been the plan. If we don’t play by the rules, if we don’t shut our mouths, don’t smile, and be quiet, we are a threat to their manhood. Isn’t that so?

This year 2022 will go down in History as a setback for Human Rights; it is when old white men, yet again made decisions for women, treating us all as small children incapable of using their brains to make decisions for themselves.

We want to leave you with the statement of a man. Yes, you read it right. Why? Because we need more men speaking up on behalf of women; because this world still is ruled by them, and we need to get more of the good ones on our side.

Men are not the enemy; the patriarchal society that led them to believe they are gods and we are devils are.

We can only win this war if we fight together for the right to show more brains than a goldfish.

Empathy, sympathy, and understanding. If this law affects you, please know that we feel deeply sorry and will not stop protesting until this nightmare is over.

Trevor Noah’s considerations in this video  will let you know that many more people are willing to protect your rights than you think. So, don’t despair!

We are here for you.

Take care.

The Fusion Movement Team

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