The 5 Principles of Female Primacy

Fusion Movement fuses Female Primacy and women’s empowerment to create the greatest paradigm shift in human history: women taking the lead in and out of the bedroom. The world is changing, and it will no longer be a “man’s world,” as Aretha Franklin sang in the 60s. Women are starting to take a proactive role […]

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An Overview of The FUSION Tantra

What is Tantra? As a spiritual belief system, Tantra originated in 600 BC in India, combining ancient Hindu, Buddhist and Jain traditions together. Classical Tantra is a spiritual path that cultivates mindfulness and connections outside of oneself with the ultimate goal of true enlightenment. However, Tantra does not deny physical or sensual experiences, as many […]

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What is hypergamy, and why is it good for you?

What does hypergamy mean?Hypergamy is a form of social mobility, where a person dates or marries someone who has a higher status, more financial resources, or a better education. Female hypergamy is simply a woman’s proclivity to date, marry or mate with the ‘best partner’ she can find. The logic behind it is very simple, […]

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