Women and Non-Monogamous Relationships

Female sexuality is incredibly complex and varied. Dual Mating Strategy According to several studies, human females, like other female primates, have a dual matingstrategy.The first and primary mating strategy is rooted in the need for a safe and stable environment to raise children. That’s why females will often choose males that offer emotional and domestic […]

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The 5 Principles of Female Primacy

Fusion Movement fuses Female Primacy and women’s empowerment to create the greatest paradigm shift in human history: women taking the lead in and out of the bedroom. The world is changing, and it will no longer be a “man’s world,” as Aretha Franklin sang in the 60s. Women are starting to take a proactive role […]

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15 Female Masturbation Myths Debunked

Female masturbation has been banned from the overall human sexual experience andconversation about sex and only been brought on the table in the 60s and 70s, thanks to the revolutionary sex educator Betty Dodson. Before that, women’s sexuality was considered inexistent, so it shouldn’t come as a surprisethat female masturbation is still a big taboo. […]

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An Overview of The FUSION Tantra

What is Tantra? As a spiritual belief system, Tantra originated in 600 BC in India, combining ancient Hindu, Buddhist and Jain traditions together. Classical Tantra is a spiritual path that cultivates mindfulness and connections outside of oneself with the ultimate goal of true enlightenment. However, Tantra does not deny physical or sensual experiences, as many […]

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United in support of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls

5,712 – that was the number of missing American Indian and Alaska Native women, girls, and two-spirit people, reported by the National Crime Information Center in 2016. However, only 116 cases were logged in the U.S. Department of Justice database of missing persons. A striking difference that was (and still is) most likely caused by a lack of communication between […]

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9 Types of Female Orgasms – How Many Have You Had?

What is an orgasm?An orgasm is described as a climax of sexual excitement, usually characterized by feelings of pleasure in the genitals and other erogenous zones resulting from stimulation and arousal. Now that we’ve got the ‘scientific definition’ out of the way, let’s focus on the juicy part. According to the 2010 National Survey of Sexual […]

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What is hypergamy, and why is it good for you?

What does hypergamy mean?Hypergamy is a form of social mobility, where a person dates or marries someone who has a higher status, more financial resources, or a better education. Female hypergamy is simply a woman’s proclivity to date, marry or mate with the ‘best partner’ she can find. The logic behind it is very simple, […]

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Motherhood and career – a balancing act

Juggling being a mother and a career is not a simple balancing act. It’s a constant struggle, especially in a society like ours that pressures women to always be perfect, no matter what they do.  It’s a pity, though, that the culture of super womanhood doesn’t include any safety net or support for working mothers, […]

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