An Overview of The FUSION Tantra

What is Tantra?

As a spiritual belief system, Tantra originated in 600 BC in India, combining ancient Hindu, Buddhist and Jain traditions together. Classical Tantra is a spiritual path that cultivates mindfulness and connections outside of oneself with the ultimate goal of true enlightenment. However, Tantra does not deny physical or sensual experiences, as many other spiritual traditions do.

One of the premises of Tantra is that there’s no good or bad, right or wrong. Everything that happens and every experience of the mind or of the body is just a tool for growing and expanding ourselves. The world is perfect as it is, we are perfect as we are because everything emanates from the harmony of masculine and feminine energies fused together. Tantra, in fact, means “weave” in Sanskrit and refers to the perfect, yet dynamic movement of feminine and masculine energies that intertwine and balance each other.

The purpose of Tantra is to discover an ecstatic union with everything that exists, beyond the illusion of separation.

Women played and still play a crucial role in Tantra. Worshipped as the embodiment of the Divine Feminine energy, women are the natural tantric gurus and teachers, often transmitting their knowledge through sexual intimacy or tantric sex. 

“Woman is the Creator of the Universe, the Universe is her form.

Woman is the foundation of the world…

There is no prayer equal to a woman,

There is not, nor has been, nor will be any yoga to compare with a woman,

no mystical formula nor asceticism to match a woman”

  • Shakti-Sangama Tantra II.52.

What is Neotantra or Tantric Sex?

Western cultures have been fascinated and seduced by Tantra. Many adopted its practices and created a new movement, called “Neotantra”.
The focus of Neotantra is to develop mindful and loving relationships through tantric sex. It’s important to notice that modern tantric sex teachings are inspired by classic Tantra, but they’re not ancient practices.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions around Tantra and tantric sex. People often fear what they cannot understand or maybe they’re secretly afraid of being totally free from shame, guilt, and restrictive morality. The goal of tantric sex is to awaken, use and move our sexual energy purposefully and mindfully. Learning to do so can facilitate healing of trauma and release of blocks around sex and self-worth. Through breathwork, prolonged eye contact, embraces, massages, gentle touches, and slow, deliberate movement, tantric sex brings the fire of our sexual energy, passion, and desires in alignment with our heart, love, and deeper connection.

Some of the benefits of tantric sex are:

  1. No more expectations. Tantric sex can be enjoyed with or without penetration, orgasm, or even a partner. The pleasure is not localized in the genitalia but expands and spreads all over the body.
  2. Increasing mindfulness. This method helps you center yourself and be in the moment, fully present to every sensation in your body
  3. Deeper connection. You can gain a more intimate experience with your partner or simply become more in tune with your sexual energy and desires
  4. Longer and more pleasurable intercourses. Tantric sex is mindful and deliberate. It’s not a race to the orgasm, but a slow exploration of pleasure.

Tantra – Fusion style

Fusion erotic play gets inspiration from many sexual practices and tools, and tantric sex among them.

During Fusion Tantra, the man plays a passive, receiving role, leaving the woman in charge of his pleasure. The woman uses her erotic power and sexual energy to make the man open up and surrender to her, both physically and emotionally. That’s the ultimate goal of Fusion Tantra.

A woman or anyone who identifies as a woman could be practicing Fusion Tantra with a complete stranger and it would still be effective in making him surrender to the Divine Feminine force. 

If you want to experiment with Fusion Tantra, start by preparing a safe space. Dim the lights, light incense or some candles, play some sensual, relaxing music. And don’t forget to prepare yourself. Choose an outfit that makes you feel sexy and put your favorite red lipstick on.

Sit before your partner in a slightly elevated position, so he can look up to you and admire your seductive lips at eye level. Look intensely into your partner’s eyes and start casting your erotic spell. You can hold hands or synchronize your breathing to create a deeper mind-body connection.

At this point, as more sexual energy begins to flow, imagine it traveling up from your genitals to your heart and then out to your arms and hands. All the while, visualize this powerful erotic energy entering through his genitals invading and permeating throughout his entire body and mind causing him to surrender to you utterly. This will create a circuit, where your heart is the filter that guides your every movement, breath, and gaze.

Start adding more physical foreplay to increase sexual arousal. Slow kissing, sensual touch, gentle restraining, and biting are great ways to build up the sexual flow. You can even begin to masturbate yourself in front of him. Moan loudly. It’s sexy, increases arousal, and helps to move your sexual energy up and down to get that sweet full-body orgasmic feeling you’re after.

You’re the mistress of this game, so you decide how far to push yourself. Fusion Tantra doesn’t necessarily culminate in penetration or orgasm. But if you want to have full intercourse, keep breathing deeply, staying mindful, and moving slowly to create a full-body orgasmic wave. Stay connected and assert your power over him by maintaining eye contact all the time.

You can experiment with edging, bringing him to the brink of climax but holding off orgasm to increase the pleasure and prolonge the intercourse, while your erotic influence infiltrates his body and mind more and more. 

Finally, release him from this pleasurable agony and prepare to give and receive the most mind-blowing full-body orgasm of your lives!

Fusion Tantra is part of the Fusion Movement Method. Our goal is to provide women and whoever identifies as a woman with techniques, tools, and resources to take the lead and assert their sexual power. 

By awakening and using your Divine Feminine energy through Fusion Tantra, you’ll set yourself free from expectations, shame, guilt, and obsolete moral standards. You’ll make him surrender to your explosive sexual energy and become the goddess you’ve always been destined to be. 

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